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Sports Conditioning Camp

Program Mandate

Summit Health & Fitness Club applies a multi-faceted methodology that generates RESULTS. We will provide you with the tools you need to perform at your highest level. Summit is solely dedicated to helping you maximize your potential by:


– Improving Performance

– Decreasing Injury Potential   

– Motivating through Education


Jason Dennis, Hons.BHSc, C.S.C.S.,

Level 1 CrossFit

Program Director/Head Trainer

SUMMIT® Sports Conditioning Camp

SUMMIT Sports Conditioning Camp is exclusive to Cornwall and is in conjunction with SUMMIT Health & Fitness Club. The program was created and designed by SUMMIT owner, Jason Dennis. Jason Dennis has a 4-Year Honours Health Sciences degree, along with certifications in strength and conditioning (C.S.C.S. – N.S.C.A.) and CrossFit. Jason has extensive experience in the fitness industry and athletic performance.


The SUMMIT Sports Conditioning Camp is the most comprehensive and result-oriented program in the region which combines specific training in strength, speed, agility, quickness, & flexibility. The program is designed to accommodate players (male & female) of all ages, with a variety of skill levels. Regardless of the participants’ development, our program is specifically tailored to assist all athletes and provide them with the necessary tools to excel and maximize their game.


The SUMMIT Sports Conditioning Camp personnel consist of highly qualified instructors with years of experience in athletic performance. All Instructors have been chosen for their leadership skills and ability to relate and work with young people.


Sports Performance Training

The sports performance training is developed specifically to improve performance and decrease injury potential. In effect, this program is an advanced program based on a personalized functional movement assessment. (Training varies depending on age group).

All athletes will be training with a conditioning coach 2x/week with an emphasis on coming in an additional 2x/week on their own. Athletes will be given a custom designed program to complete on their own time.


SUMMIT Sport Performance training encompasses the following:

  • GPP training (General Preparation Phase) to condition the athlete.
  • Education on proper exercise technique and on proper warm-up to promote performance enhancement and safety.
  • Olympic lifting to help develop explosiveness and full body coordination.
  • Core training to achieve functional strength/power development.
  • Plyometrics, agility, and sprint training to develop speed and acceleration.
  • Injury Prevention exercises to ensure proper range of motion and correction of muscle imbalances/weaknesses.
  • Development of mental toughness and work ethic.
  • Sport Specific and Exercise Rehabilitation services.


SUMMIT® Sports Conditioning Camp


Program Package


SUMMIT Strength & Conditioning 2x/week (1 hour sessions)

FREESUMMIT summer membership


Program Registration

(6 Week Comprehensive Program)

(Ages 12 & over)

All strength training will be conducted at the SUMMIT Fitness.

Limited enrolment of players in order to maintain instructor/client ratio.

Payment plans available (1, 2, & 3 months) method of payment can be either: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, debit, cheque or cash.

All athletes will be called 1 week prior to camp for their strength & conditioning schedule.


Program Cost


 $399.00 per player (plus HST)


3 payments of $145.00 (plus HST)


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