About the Club

At SUMMIT Health & Fitness Club, you are considered more than just a client, you are part of a family. Attaining your goals is our purpose. Our fitness club has been specifically designed to accommodate men & women of all ages. We are committed to making health & wellness part of our members’ lifestyle choice.

The SUMMIT Health & Fitness Club is owned by Morris Lamer and Jason Dennis. We would like to extend an open invitation to everyone to visit their first class fitness club. Although our backgrounds are diverse, we both have been active in health & fitness and have made it a major part of our lives. We will continually strive to evaluate & improve our facility & our programs so that SUMMIT will remain the best value for our customers.


SUMMIT Health & Fitness Club will strive to:

  • Offer consistent & fair pricing for all members
  • Provide consistent quality & personalized service from our knowledgeable staff
  • Give back to the community through local charities and events
  • Invite people from all walks of life, young & old, to look at what SUMMIT offers, and make them feel comfortable in our facility
  • Educate people as to the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and explain how even a little exercise can lead to improved health & wellness
  • Offer more activities for youth, and encourage children to make health & wellness part of their everyday lifestyle

Customer Commitment

Part of our philosophy is continuous dedication and customer commitment. If our facility does not meet your standards of cleanliness, please advise a staff member and we will rectify the problem immediately. We take pride in the knowledge that our customers can count on our unique blend of quality, consistency & personalized service.

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